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A properly fertilized lawn is a healthy lawn and is vital to the environment because it aids in air quality, filters pollutants, as well as reduces glare and noise. A lush, beautiful green turf means your lawn has a healthier root system and improved resistance to disease and fungus, enhanced soil health, better weed control, and improved cold hardiness. Live Oak Pest Control’s Lawn pest control service protects both the lawn and enhances the pest control for your home.

We know your yard is more than just the grass you mow it's also your social statement, your private getaway, your entertainment space and where your pets and children play. Live Oak Pest Control's lawn pest control and fertilization services help you keep your lawn healthy & safe all year round.

Lawn Pest Control ServicesFor any home or business in North Central Florida.

  • Lawn Pest Control Service
  • Helps control fungus, ants, mole crickets, grubs, sod-web worms, chinch bugs and most other lawn insects.

  • ArborJet® Tree Treatment Services
  • ArborJet® is an effective pest control trunk injection treatment for trees as an alternative to spraying or soil applications. This method injects the least amount of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers as possible directly into the tree. See more

  • Fire Ant Treatments
  • We use TopChoice™ fire ant bait. This granular product is guaranteed to prevent the occurrence of Imported Red Fire Ants in your lawn for up to one year.

  • Lawn & Weed Control
  • Our herbicide application helps control dollar weed, chamberbitter, fireweed, rattlesnake weed, clover and other broadleaf weeds common to this area. This lawn service can be performed year-round including the winter. We also offer pre-emergence weed control for the control of crabgrass and annual weeds.

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • To keep your lawn healthy we apply a special blend of granular fertilizer twice a year. The spring application is a special blend designed to promote lush green growth throughout the summer. The fall application is intended to enhance root growth so that grass is better prepared for the cold winter months. Also see: It's Time to Fertilize

  • Ornamental Applications
  • Our tree and shrub fertilization techniques and application will keep your new or existing shrubs thriving by eliminating pests such as lace bugs, spider mites, tea scale and other shrubbery related insects.

The Lawn Care Plan For a beautiful and pest free lawn.

Our Live Oak Pest Control Lawn Care Plan is tailored to fit your lawn care needs. Whether you call us for a one time on-call treatment or we care for your lawn throughout the year our normal lawn care plan includes: lawn spraying three times a year, fertilizing twice a year and weed control application once or twice a year, depending on the severity of the problem.

Experiencing a problem? Simply contact our office and a Lawn Pest Specialist will be there to help usually the same day!

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Aaron represented Live Oak Pest Control very well. I also found that the office staff to be very nice and helpful. D. Braxton
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Zack is a very nice young man, he's very careful and does good job. He was patient and did not hurry the service. B. Mobley
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my yard was sprayed, the diagram was perfect and I am very happy with the service. D. Diaz
Mr. Clay did a very thorough flea spray. It was the first time I've ever had a flea treatment and the results are impressive. J. Manning
Rusty is an excellent service specialist and has really taken care of our problems. This is by far the best service we have ever had! S. Patterson

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