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One of the newest developments in Arboriculture and tree health care is tree trunk injection treatments through the ArborJet® program to treat tree pests. View our video to the left or on YouTube

ArborJet® is an effective pest control trunk injection treatment for trees as an alternative to spraying or soil applications. It is a way to efficiently treat many different insect and disease problems as well as nutrient deficiencies in a way that limits environmental exposure making it safe to use virtually anywhere.

This method also uses the least amount of product as compared to other conventional methods. ArborJet® equipment injects pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers directly into the tree. The products used are sealed inside and quickly distributed throughout the trunk, branches and leaves.

Live Oak Pest Control is ArborJet trained

How Does It Work? Drill... inject... plug.

ArborJet trunk treatmentsTrunk injection treatments use a special injection tool that places and seals the product directly into the tree trunk where it is quickly taken up by the transport system and distributed throughout the entire tree. While it can take as little as a few hours to move throughout the tree, it could also take a couple of weeks depending on the tree health and size of the tree. Most often the trees are 100% protected within a few days.

View our video on YouTube.

The ArborJet® trunk injection system uses the ArborPlug; a one way port with a self sealing, surgical septum that prevents the product used from leaking out of the injection site.

ArborJet® trunk injection system treats several landscaping issues including a large variety of pests and invasive insects, tree diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

The Many Advantages of the ArborJet® system.

  • It's Effective
  • Tree spraying is inefficient in managing tree insects and diseases. Tree spraying cannot be completed when it's about to rain or when it's windy not to mention it cannot be applied in active areas such as parks, golf courses, rivers, playground and the like while ArborJet® treatments can be completed before bad weather and in active areas.

  • It's Simple & Quick
  • Using a trained ArborJet® partner such as Live Oak Pest Control makes the injection process go quickly and smoothly.

  • It's Eco-Friendly
  • Unlike tree spraying and soil applications, the ArborJet® system seals the product directly in the tree limiting the environmental exposure to humans, birds, wildlife, pets and more. It is completely safe to use around areas like rivers, streams and ponds, beaches, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, golf courses and more.

  • It's Cost Effective
  • Equipment & formulation costs are much less costly than they use to be as well as ArborJet® is more affordable than removing trees from your landscape.

  • Other Benefits
  • Trunk injection uses the least amount of product when compared to conventional treatment methods. Healthy trees contribute to energy savings, storm water retention and increase property value.

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