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termite control and prevention

Each home or building has unique characteristics and requires a Termite Pest Specialist to identify the best products and techniques to prevent and eliminate an infestation This is based on the type of termite, home construction and extent of your infestation.

Our Termite Guarantee Serving 14 North Central Florida counties.

Our Termite Guarantee program starts when we do a thorough termite inspection and treatment to your new construction or existing home or business. Then, we inspect annually looking for any signs that termites have found their way into your dwelling or building and treating if necessary. Should any sign of termites appear between inspections we will come right out and take care of it at no charge to you.

The Hidden InvadersStructural Termites.

Termites cause $6 billion of dollars in property damage each year in America.

Termites and their colonies live deep in the ground or hidden inside wooden structures like walls and support timbers so they can be difficult to detect. Live Oak Pest Control's Termite Pest Specialists are trained in termite inspection, identification and prevention to identify warning signs, treat current termite problems and prevent future infestations.

Note: We do not perform 'Wood Destroying Organism Reports' (Termite Inspections) for Real Estate Transactions.

There are three types of termites in Florida: subterranean (nest in the soil), damp wood (infest damp wood) and dry termites (infest dry wood). Subterranean termites are the most destructive and most encountered in Florida. Subterranean termites can attack structures by building mud tubes that connect their nest to wooden structures.

If you should experience a problem, simply call our office and a Termite Pest Specialist will be dispatched to your home or office within 24 hours.

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